The Wake Up Process: Enlivening Heart-Centered Living

Let us Play Full Out, Love Full Out and Live an Awakened Life

You are invited to enroll in a program that will profoundly enhance your life.  The Wake Up Process is both a road map for Awakening and a practical guide, assisting you to bring greater consciousness to all areas of your life.  In essence, it will enliven heart-centered living, where compassion and care for yourself, humanity and the world takes precedence.
The 14-session process includes a well thought out series of 12 written texts. Each week, during a 1 hour session, you are given a new text to read out loud and discuss with Lisa. The process not only introduces you to your True Nature, as Awareness, but also continually supports your reliance on the inherent wisdom and stability that is discovered when you live from this level of clarity.
The process, when applied with commitment and dedication, will bring greater balance to your mental and emotional state, enliven healthier, more joyful living and support harmonious and loving relationships.
The Wake Up Process is currently offered through one-on-one facilitation or small groups and may be received either in person, by phone or Skype.  

This process supports direct access to the divine power to create a life of joy, ease, celebration and great care for yourself, others and our Planet.

Lisa is a true example of where kindness and wisdom meet. She has forever changed the landscape of my life and for that I am truly grateful.
— Chelsea K.
  • Discover how The Wake Up Process benefits all areas of your life.
  • Join a supportive community dedicated to creating a healthier world.
  • Participate in The Wake Up Process, either in a small group format or a one-on-one Program. 

For more information or to apply for enrollment  email or call Lisa or 415-413-396 for more details.