It takes a depth of willingness and commitment to the journey.

When one embarks on any journey there is preparation and commitment. It requires attention and a willingness.

Lisa’s work is a foundational shift of how you feel about yourself and life. There are tools, of course, but the bulk of what is being offered is the deep personal experience that has brought the level of freedom she carries.

Each person finds embodied truth and freedom in a unique way. This is why the longer commitment gives time and space for the inevitable (and natural) unfurling of your own path.

Lisa combines structure and spontaneity, seamlessly, to support you in the depth of the transformation you are asking for. Her kindness and ground are a welcome home for all parts that have been left, judged or forgotten.

This is the path of personal power, truth and vulnerability. It is a delicate balance that she holds with you to surrender what no longer serves to receive more than you knew was possible.

Finding your own ground of being and stability brings a relaxed engagement with life. Where your unique gifts have a greater space to express.

Everything becomes much more simple and clear.

To be mentored by a compassionate, present consistent guide is beyond what most of us has ever allowed ourselves to receive at all levels of our being.

This is the offering, to be exquisitely held while you remember all of your authentic presence. This is freedom.

For more information email or call Lisa at 415-413-3961.