Mentoring with Lisa Marie Mansfield 


“I am a compassionate guide committed to your life being the fullest expression of love and joy”  

Individual Mentoring Sessions

When is it advantageous for me to meet with a Mentor?

It is beneficial to meet with Lisa Marie when you feel confused, overwhelmed, distraught, depressed, and feel as though you have lost your ground or capacity to handle your life and your relationships. As well, it is beneficial to meet with her to receive clear support on your path of Awakening.

In sessions with Lisa Marie you are reminded of the wisdom, clarity and ground that is the True foundation of your being.  A place of rest, where all thoughts and emotions are welcome, but seen through as the ever changing display of awareness. Through inquiry and acceptance of all that arises, you are gently directed to rest into true peace and equanimity.

Where: Phone/Zoom Time: 60 mins Fee: $150

The 12-Month Mentoring Program

Whenever you plan to explore uncharted territory it is easiest and most efficient to have a guide who has already traversed the territory ahead.  As a guide or Mentor I offer you the roadmap to Awakening and the support to hold you compassionately through the process.

Once you make the commitment to be supported by me as your Mentor a deep relationship begins to take root.  Like a loving mother with her child, I care for you with the highest intent to deliver you to the realization of your True self.

In my presence the Truth of who you are is steadfastly held and reflected back to you, while keeping a watchful eye on places you may have slipped back into untruths. As your guide, I have the ability to see into places you are not yet able to see for yourself. This is an invaluable aspect of the Mentoring relationship, where enough trust is cultivated over time that you feel open to hear the wisdom and guidance.

Whether our time together is a year or many years, you will be supported to discover and live from your own ground of being. This stability will bring a relaxed engagement with life, where your capacity to heal will come to the fore.

To be strongly and compassionately held while you remember who you truly are… This is Freedom. This is Healing.

The process begins with a personal interview with Lisa.

This 12 month immersion includes:

-An initial 2-hour meeting via Zoom (phone or video via computer)

- A 1 hour call every other week via Zoom (phone or video via computer)

-Completion – 2-hour meeting via Zoom (phone or video via computer)