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Together We RISE: Reclaim, Inspire, Support and Embody

This one-day group experience invites you to live and express from the Truth of your being

After centuries of repression and our own need to hide to survive, it truly is our time to rise, together.

It is in the company of other women willing to step into a new way of being which includes all of us; our truth, our strength, our ever-evolving embodiment, the way we lead with our whole selves.

In the witness and reflection of women we can reclaim and more fully embody our own unique and needed essence. When we speak our truth, it instantly gives way to others doing the same. Beyond the outdated model of competition and comparison there is collaboration and encouragement of brilliance in ourselves and in others. 

No matter how subtle or obvious the remaining patterns, it is a quicker path to liberation when we are in the company of others doing the same.

Your presence and voice matters. Your vision and creativity, in all its myriad expressions, is a collaboration with the world.

A huge change happened to me at Lisa’s 1 day workshop— something that has haunted me and paralyzed me for 19 years surfaced. While working with her, I was able to see that certain burdens are not required to be carried, and I was able to finally release this weight after so many years. Afterwards, I found a little more extra breathe and a little more freedom— and I am so thankful to Lisa for this.
— C.L.

During this one-day workshop we will support each other in releasing the known and unknown false ideas of who we are, deeply held emotions and energetic patterns that hold us back from our natural expression and inherent strength. 

Together we create a container for transformation and deep connection to arise simultaneously. 

Date: Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Location: The Space, 490 Gate 5 Road, Sausalito

Fee: $100

Space limited. Early sign-up suggested.
For more information and registration please contact Lisa Marie