Energetic Release Process  for Women

Join a small group of women for this daylong process. A powerful opportunity to express held back feelings within a container of safety, non-judgment and compassionate support...

The Wake Up Process: Enlivening Heart-Centered Living

This process supports your direct access to the divine power to create a life of joy, ease, celebration and great care for yourself, others and our Planet...

Wake Up for Women:                      we are born to lead           

 It’s time to wake up out of scarcity and competition between women, and to remember we are stronger together. It is not that we need to be taught or given permission to take our rightful place as leaders, it’s that we need to remember and claim the TRUTH of who we are, while letting go of outdated victim stories.

Private Sessions

Lisa Marie supports clients in realizing that life’s challenges are opportunities to discover their inherent potential and to emerge with greater understanding, wisdom and compassion...

I am a compassionate guide committed to your life being the fullest expression of love and joy.
— Lisa Marie