Lisa Marie Mansfield

“Wisdom, peace, and clarity naturally arise when we Wake Up and learn to rest as Awareness.”

— Lisa Marie Mansfield


Welcome to the Work of Lisa Marie Mansfield

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In this beautiful (and FREE) audio Lisa introduces her work and shows you how to take charge of your life through living in an awakened state. She shares how her immersive, step by step process, leads you to the experience of who you are as pure awareness—the eternal self. The Awakened Awareness meditation is included.




Are you meditating, doing yoga, reading spiritual books, and yet not seeing the results of your practices? Are you sensing there is more to awakening then you have experienced but don’t know where else to turn?

Lisa designs programs to meet you where you’re at, and take you where you want to go.

“ I am a compassionate guide committed to your life being the fullest expression of love and joy.”


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Working With Lisa

Lisa taught me how to live in a heightened level of awareness. Through working with her, I learned to connect to my emotional body, as well as a higher spiritual guiding realm. I’ve learned to really tune into my knowing, believe in my path, and ask for guidance when needed, as well as let emotions come and go as they please.
— Emma K.

Graceful, compassionate, integrated transformation. That is how I would describe my experience with Lisa. Wherever your issues take you, Lisa will be there for you, holding you in a compassionate healing space that gives you the courage to move through your darkest night. We are blessed to have Lisa’s gift. I am most grateful for her passion to be of service to all of us.
— Fred N.

I’m truly grateful for the experiences as they have been life-changing and have brought me closer to my goals of authentic living and thriving to live in my full potential.”
— Sophia S.
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