About Lisa Marie Mansfield


I have always been a very empathetic person. Even at a young age I was very aware of peoples emotional states and how much they were suffering. I was also aware of how I wanted to be of help to them. So as an adult, it was natural for me to choose a career in the service field.   

At age 28, I became a Massage Therapist. Early in my career, I discovered it was the perfect entry into being able to help people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I spent many years studying various modalities in order to bring greater relief and renewal to my clients.

In my 40’s I met my Spiritual Mentor. Through inquiry, the practice of resting as awareness, and access to her awakened presence, I had a direct realization of my True Nature.

It was after that realization that I decided to devote my time to helping others realize what I had.  In 2017, at age 57, I began Mentoring and wrote The Wake Up Process. 

Combining my interest in health, healing and awakening it was a natural fit to co-create the Sacred Healing Sanctuary with Julien Dubrow. I now serve as a Co-Founder and Spiritual Mentor supporting people to awaken and heal their bodies, minds and hearts. 

Lisa Marie's Facilitation Work:

  • The Wake Up Process – a practical guide for awakening

  • The Breakthrough Performance Workshop

  • Cutting to the Core (A Core Emotional Release Workshop)

  • Coming to Peace with Anger (a workshop for women)

  • Surrender to Spirit (a movement based emotional release process)

  • Meditation groups with women in the San Francisco County jail