Life Empowered by Love

A Group for Women

Lisa facilitates intimate groups of women committed to Open-Hearted Living.  These small groups are a profound opportunity to break through perceived limitations into a way of life that is empowered by love, compassion and wisdom. Developing deep friendships and trusted support are a natural by-product of being part of these groups.

Full commitment to this group will bring about:

  • Embodiment of greater self-acceptance
  • Innate healing with self and others
  • Supportive tools for loving communication and relating
  • Empowerment to step into your life fully

A healing story from a client:

"Perhaps my biggest work in this lifetime has been in relationship to my mother. Fraught with terror, sadness and shame, I imagined the best I could hope to arrive at would be a turbulent relationship and some expressed grief when she someday passed away.  

What occurred was nothing short of phenomenal. My mother and I have melted our deepest issues and forgiven one another for the situations that caused years of strife.

Lisa instead gleaned wondrous possibilities of healing with my mother and stepfather.

My stepfather and I, having had years on end of separation, began to heal a few years ago. Lisa guided me skillfully and lovingly through core emotional release to express repressed anger due to sexual abuse and neglect.

Her assistance helped me tremendously to fully heal and restore my self confidence, reclaim my body and ultimately begin to take responsibility for my life.

Where I once slept nightly with a light on and all of my clothes, I am now able to sleep in the dark, freely disencumbered by clothing and more importantly traumatic fears." –M. D.

Contact Lisa Marie to explore whether or not this program is a perfect fit for you.