Living A Beautiful Life:  A 6-week process to remember how

What if life is happening for you, not against you?

The capacity to create a beautiful life filled with loving relationships, kindness, care, abundance, joy and gratitude is available to us. However, we get off track when we believe that the mind has to figure it all out and that it must look a certain way.

This 6-week process re-awakens your ability to tune into your true source of guidance, where ease and grace becomes the norm. When you let go of the need to control and begin to trust that your Higher Self and Guidance realms have your back, then you discover life is being lived through you and all you have to do is surrender and follow the guidance.

Graceful, compassionate, integrated transformation. That is how I would describe my experience with Lisa. Wherever your issues take you, Lisa will be there for you, holding you in a compassionate healing space that gives you the courage to move through your darkest night. We are blessed to have Lisa’s gift. I am most grateful for her passion to be of service to all of us.
— Fred N.

Who is this for? 

  • If you are ready to surrender control and are open to new ways of being, sensing and feeling, then this process is for you. 
  • If you are ready to see through limited beliefs, fear, worry and anxiety about your future and are open to having a life of much greater emotional balance and peace, then this process is for you. 
  • If you are open and willing to change and take full responsibility for the life you co-create, then this process is for you.  
  • If you are ready to have more enjoyment, more full-filling relationships, and more goodness in your life, then this process is for you.

How it works?

6 weekly 1-hour sessions with Lisa by phone, Skype or Zoom

For more information or to apply for enrollment  email or call Lisa or 415-413-3961 for more details.