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Wake up for Women: we are born leaders

It’s time to wake up out of scarcity and competition between women, and to remember we are stronger together. It is not that we need to be taught or given permission to take our rightful place as leaders, it’s that we need to remember and claim the TRUTH of who we are.

Our power lies in owning ALL of our abilities and capacity to co-create a more conscious world. It is our time to wake up, step up and together be the leaders we were born to be.

Working with Lisa, I have learned to stand up for myself. Her love and attention is pure and clear enough to support me in seeing and breaking through unhealthy behavioral patterns. She has taught me how to befriend myself and empowered me to listen and trust my own inner wisdom. She is a true example of where kindness and wisdom meet. She has forever changed the landscape of my life and for that I am truly grateful.
— Chelsea K.

This is a free of charge FB group. Please click here to request access.

What happens in this group:

• community support - this is a safe space to share and be received

• weekly group coaching and teaching

• inspiration

• resources

• opportunities to work more deeply with Lisa Marie Mansfield

What does not happen in this group:

• harassment, intimidation or judgments 

• promotion of any kind (products, events, network marketing etc.)