Together We RISE: Reclaim, Inspire, Support and Embody

This focused and potent one-day workshop for women creates a safe container for change and connection. Your presence and voice matter.

The Wake Up Process: Enlivening Heart-Centered Living

This process supports your direct access to the divine power to create a life of joy, ease, celebration and great care for yourself, others and our Planet...

Living A Beautiful Life:  A 6-week process to remember how          

What if life is happening for you, not against you? The capacity to create a beautiful life filled with loving relationships, kindness, care, abundance, joy and gratitude is within all of us. However, we get off track when we believe that the mind has to figure it all out and that it must look a certain way.

Private Sessions

Lisa Marie supports clients in realizing that life’s challenges are opportunities to discover their inherent potential and to emerge with greater understanding, wisdom and compassion...

I am a compassionate guide committed to your life being the fullest expression of love and joy.
— Lisa Marie